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Car Dealership

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In this scenario, we will look at what the WynSpin Wheel can do for your dealership. Pretend for a moment that you own a dealership called Hometown Motors where you sell Subaru, Hyundai, and Volvo. On your website, you offer a chance to win a coupon once every couple of months (you can set the time limit between spins for each registered user). You market this coupon opportunity to your current base of customers both in-store, on mailers, and in e-mail blasts.

Now say that John Smith gets a mailer and decides that the chance to win one of several prizes including $10 off an oil change, a free oil change, 20% off the next service appointment, $2000 toward the purchase of a vehicle, and a new car (limited to however many you’d like to win per campaign cycle) is worth his time. He spins and wins a free oil change. He comes into the store to redeem his prize coupon. He is happy about the prize saving him money and helping to check a much needed oil change off his to do list. Later, while having a conversation with his mother about her car, he remembers that his mom needs an oil change, so he mentions the prize wheel. He also tells several of his friends about it at work. Suddenly, you have more people that are trying their luck and coming in to redeem their coupons (you can set it so everyone wins at least something). Would John have told his family and friends about the dealership had he not won a coupon? Maybe, but the free oil change certainly helped win him over and prompted him to the action of telling others.

For each of these people, some of whom are new prospects, you now have their name and e-mail address. Now you can market directly to their inbox AND when the waiting period between coupon spins expires, you can send them an email reminder to spin again, restarting the word-of-mouth cycle. There is no greater advertising than word-of-mouth praise from one’s family and friends.

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